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Lutra Immobilien is your contact in all real estate matters You benefit from professional service from a single source. We develop suitable solutions for you.

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"I am thrilled to be working with Lutra Immobilien GmbH. Lisa is a delight to work with, knowledgeable, and explains things thoroughly. They took over property management 1 year into my lease and I have to say, the change has only been for the better. They are incredibly responsive to accounting, Emails, and maintenance requests. Maintenance items are repaired quickly and correctly. The outside grounds are more picked up and tidy as well. Interior stairwells are kept cleaner, even with heavy remodeling going on in an adjacent apartment. Well-versed in working with military-connected tenants, they ensured all paperwork is received on time and is complete. Overall, I am much happier with their attendance to management needs."
About us

About us

In recent years, one of the main reasons we've heard from sellers over and over again is that they want to sell their property because it's too much work for the owner. "I don't feel like taking care of real estate anymore, I'd rather take care of other issues." "I prefer to pass on cash when I'm gone." "The kids aren't interested." Or, "The kids have moved away and don't have time to take care of the real estate."
No time, no desire, or even being too old should never be the reason for an economic decision. We help all those who have exactly these thoughts!

Earn market rates

Earn market rates

Continue to earn a market rate of return on your property. Do not give away the chance. Afterwards you may have to pay additional penalty interest on your account. Benefit from our experience, get our unique service, we take care of all issues and you keep control.
Lutra Immobilien sets new technical standards in property management. We use technology where it is useful and are there where people cannot be replaced. Of course, everything is done in compliance with current legislation and always with a focus on tenants and landlords.
Interested in getting to know us? Then make an appointment today to find out how we can help you achieve your goals.

Added Value

Added Value

We as a professional property management company offer you legal security, give you more time for the things you care about and increase your surplus.
You don't have to worry about anything, but you can always be there when you want to be. We inform you proactively about the current status of repair and maintenance measures, we take care of the communication with the tenants. In the event of a change of tenant, we will also be happy to find a new tenant for you and take care of everything to do with the handover of the apartment.
Gain more time for the important things in life with our service.


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